Multimodal Transport

Goods taken from one place to another designated place are often moved by at the least two different means of transport like air and road. In such scenarios the carrier becomes legally liable for the entire goods. More often the carrier enters into an agreement with different transporters and they constitute what is known as sub contractors in the system. Though different contractors co-ordinate to transport goods from one place to another place, often the carrier who was responsible for the goods takes the legal ownership for the transport and is hence referred as Multimodal Transport Operator or simply MTO.

At Shanson, services we offer include Airfreight, Sea Freight, International Couriers, Logistics, Warehousing, Multimodal Transport, Consultancy, Customer House Brokerage and Unaccompanied Baggage services.

Our service is characterized by Diligent Customs documentation & Insurance, Safe transportation of your goods, Secured warehousing of your goods, Cargo Space at most competitive rates, Excellent rapport with airlines, State of the art communication facilities in tracking your shipment, On Time delivery of your shipment, Tailor made service to individual customers and Superior Customer experience.

Our professional team with unmatched qualities is just a phone call away waiting to serve you. Our skill, dedication and thorough awareness of procedures ensure that your shipments are treated with extra care from the moment they are picked and delivered.
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